Wellness Coaching

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+ Do you feel as though you need to take better care of yourself, but don’t know where to start?
+ Are you stuck in a pattern of unhelpful thinking?
+ Are you constantly exhausted and have little energy to enjoy life?
+ Do you have an ongoing health issue or chronic illness and need someone who will listen to your needs?
+ Are you battling issues with your weight or obesity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions a wellness coach might be just what you need. 

 A wellness coach for chronic illness can help you discover what aspects of yourself you’re neglecting and then be with you step by step as you start to implement change.

What We Offer:


Mental Health Support

Assess your mental health and make suggestions on how to manage stress and anxiety naturally.
Tools I use are: Yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation, breathwork, affirmations & guided visualisations

Diet & Lifestyle Assesment

Together we will look at your diet and see how we can improve things for optimum nutrition and energy and weight loss (if needed).
Looking to make achievable and sustainable changes, that you can implement and continue to use after our sessions have finished. 

Fitness Assessment

We will talk about your current exercise habits and which types of exercise work best for you. Anything from gentle walking, gardening, swimming, yoga, Thai Chi, weight training, HIIT training and much more.



Personalised Action plan

Our wellness coach will create a manageable action plan for you, and each week we’ll add something to the list.
No drastic diets or unrealistic goals, just creating healthy habits that aim to play a permanent part in your new healthy lifestyle. 

Accountability & support

Having a coach means you have someone to encourage you and hold you accountable to make wiser choices.
Our coaches will be there for you with any queries or concerns between your coaching sessions and available via WhatsApp or email when you need guidance.

wellness coach for chronic illness


Meet your new wellness coach, Jamie!


Jamie is a health & wellbeing coach and yoga teacher, living in London.

He loves the outdoors, taking walks with his partner & Maltese puppy, and cooking new and tasty meals.




Is coaching the right option for me?

Coaching is for anyone that wants to discover a deeper understanding of themselves and work to achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

You can book in for a free 20-minute chat with our coach to discuss this further.

How many coaching sessions are required?

We suggest a minimum of 3 months of coaching, after this period you can discuss if this is something you wish to continue with.

How often are the sessions?

The sessions are held online via Zoom once every fortnight, this gives you time to process everything after the last session.

What do you mean by accountability?

A wellness coach is there to support you but also hold you accountable for the lifestyle changes that are implemented.
Your coach will create a personalised action plan, and add things to this list each session. This means that you are not overwhelmed with lots of changes all at once. Then each session your coach will check how you have been doing, making you accountable for your actions.

What is included in my monthly subscription?

You will meet twice-a-month for your one-to-one coaching sessions (online only) on a set day and time each week. Of course, this can be changed and rescheduled by contacting info@wellnessmoves.co.uk

You will also have support via email and WhatsApp between your coaching sessions, should any questions arise.

Exclusive access to our private members Facebook page, where you can connect with others and get information and healthy lifestyle tips.